Hello Mr. Manning,

Thank you for racing out to the Trust & Safety team once more. I am sorry to hear that you have not had success through community process so far.

Unfortunately, Trust & Safety is not in position to offer comment regarding community group processes, such as the English Wikipedia Arbitration committee’s arbitration procedure (including the length of time it may take for the committee to acknowledge receipt of a report). As I mentioned before, we respect the Wikimedia communities’ self governing structures and prefer to not interfere with their local processes, as those have been defined by the communities themselves. It should be noted that Trust & Safety does not function as an appeals mechanism or bypass for when community processes do not yield the desired result, so, it may be worth awaiting Arbcom’s reaction to your report. I know it’s been a long while since your reached out to them, and we will be happy to raise this to their attention, but I hope you understand that we do not control Arbcom’s handling or decision making process and are in no way able to place any pressure on them. That said, keep in mind that there may be additional delays there as Arbcom had their elections recently - they concluded on December 2. This means that the newly formed committee may need some time to onboard and get to work.

Now, local governance aside norms aside, the July 2 statement by the board advised that abuse taking place on a single project, is best left to that community’s established mechanisms. This statement, among other discussions that took place on English Wikipedia over summer, led to the Community consultation on partial and temporary office actions, which concluded in November. Both the board statement and the consultation outcome really do restrict Trust & Safety in what we can do for the situation you have described. Accordingly, we really do have to allow local process to assess and address the issue, as seen fit. Speaking on which, violations of the CU policy, may also be handled by the Ombudsman Commission. You can consider that option if you have not yet explored it.

I hope the above helps.

Warm regards,


On Tue, 10 Dec 2019 at 09:41, Aron Manning wrote:

Dear Trust and Safety team!

The following Terms-of-Use and Checkuser policy violation was reported 4 months ago, yet the offending false statements are still not removed.

The Arbitration Committee ignored my emails too, contrary to the standard Arbitration Procedures that require acknowledgment of reports within 24 hours.

According to Gregory Varnum “As is the case today, any necessary escalation of issues on the projects that reach the limits of community self-governance can still go to Trust and Safety”.

Would you like to comment on the nature of the delay?

Is it reasonable to expect that the T&S will one day resolve this violation?

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Aron Manning