To the Arbitration Committee,

Congratulations to the recently elected and a happy new year to all arbitrators!

Dear Arbitrators, I humbly ask you to unblock my main account (User:Aron Manning) on the English Wikipedia. Recently I’ve been granted autopatrol right on mediawiki-wiki, which gave me the motivation to try to request an unblock again. As 2 of my 3 accounts are checkuser-blocked and according to the guidance received from admin Just Chilling I’d like to ask the Arbitration Committee to practice their right to unblock my account.

On Mon, 22 Jul 2019 at 18:57, Just Chilling <noreply-unblock at> wrote:

 Your only alternative is to email the Arbitration committee at

The cause of the block was a proportionally high involvement (statistics) along the minority (support) voters in the “737 Max” move review (MRV) that was deemed “bludgeoning”. My approach in that discussion was completely ineffective and useless, resulting in unexpected and unnecessary drama. An unfortunate lesson that I had to learn about editing wikipedia.

Fortunately the disruption was limited to only that one move review in the Wikipedia namespace - affecting around 30 participating editors -, while the article namespace of the encyclopedia was unaffected. My article edits (before the MRV, as I had very little time for articles in June, when the MRV was ongoing) were clearly beneficial to the encyclopedia, for example sourcing and improving the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 article almost achieved B classification for that article.

Regarding the “CheckUser evidence confirms that the operator has abusively used multiple accounts” statement on the user page:
My 2 alternative accounts were declared to ArbCom on June 27, 2019. There is a clear separation between my accounts: I’ve used the main account in the aviation topic (actively since 17 April 2019), my old account (active before 1 April 2019) only in one article in information technology topic and my account for public places was never used to edit.
I’ve added a forgotten signature per the talk page guidelines (“Attributing unsigned comments”) for a comment made by the main account - by mistake - using another browser still logged in as the old account. The signature properly attributes the comment to the main account.

I haven’t edited logged out ever and I haven’t edited at all since the block. These 3 accounts - declared to ArbCom and confirmed by checkuser -, are all that I’ve created. I do not intend to abuse multiple accounts, even in heated debates, as proven by the 737 Max move review vote, where it would have mattered if I used an alt account. That sort of cheating is far from my values. I keep a clear topic separation between my old and main account.

Going forward to the new year I’d like to be more careful about my involvement in discussions. I’d like to return to casual editing in the topic areas of movies, meditation, information technology. I’d like to improve the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 article to reach B-class and to participate in tool and skin usage and design discussions with the English community, that I’m involved with on mediawiki. My contributions on metawiki and mediawiki should prove my editing is a benefit to the encyclopedia.

With this unblock request I’m asking the Arbitration Committee to consider unblocking my main account (User:Aron Manning) and to clarify the procedure to follow to unblocking the alt accounts.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Yours sincerely,
Aron Manning